Celebrities cash in on CBD

by in CBD Oil October 18, 2019




Celebrities Cash in on Growing CBD Market


What started with ex-sports stars such as Paul Pierce and Rob Gronkowski, has now entered the realm of movie stars with the news that Mark Wahlberg has invested a portion of his considerable investment resources into a water company with eyes on expansion into the CBD market.

So how exactly did this veteran actor worth over $250 million get involved in this growing industry?

Wahlberg’s Company Moves into CBD Market

His involvement with a Los Angeles-based bottled water company called AQUAhydrate has taken him into the CBD business through an acquisition made by an industry rival named the Alkaline Water company. This company is better-known by its trading name, Alkaline88.

The newly-combined company intends to diversify their offerings to include hemp-derived CBD products. No specific announcements have been made on which products the new company is going to focus on.

But it’s widely understood that their new products are to take the form of CBD-infused beverages, rather than more traditional offerings such as CBD oil or CBD gummies.

Wahlberg Ditches Marijuana for CBD

 Mark Wahlberg has long been famed for his pot smoking.

Perhaps this was most accurately depicted through his scenes in the Seth MacFarlane comedy movies Ted and Ted 2. However, he recently admitted that a conversation with his daughter was enough to make him quit smoking marijuana for good.

After announcing the deal – which includes the involvement of rap mogul Sean “P Diddy Coombs – he remarked;

 When Sean and I first got involved in the business, our vision was to build a lifestyle company focused on health and wellness, and that’s what we’ve done. The AQUAhydrate and Alkaline88 brands align well and will support exciting innovations in flavors, sparkling and CBD products.”

 Other Celebrities Are Singing the Praises of CBD

 Mark Wahlberg has joined a growing list of famous faces who are discovering the benefits of CBD first-hand. Seth Rogan, who is more famed for his links with smoking cannabis than for its potential medical benefits, has also entered the fray recently.

His experience with his mother-in-law’s descent into dementia has seen him campaign for more research into CBD as a possible treatment. Indeed, early studies concerning CBD’s effect on dementia have produced some positive results.

Join the Celebrities Taking Advantage of the Growing CBD Industry

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