Is National CBD Day a thing?

August 8, marks the second annual observance of National CBD Day.

Wait, is National CBD Day real? Yes, right with National Happiness Happens day, National Frozen Custard day and even National sneak some zucchini into your neighbor’s porch day. REALLY!


How did it happen?

For decades now cannabis enthusiasts have rallied on April 20th or 4/20 an event that started as an after-school weed-smoking break in the 1970s for a group of California high school students, and evolved into an annual international celebration of all things cannabis.

For the past seven years or so, some people have latched on to  July 10, as a day to give thanks for cannabis oils and extracts. The holiday’s date originated when somebody noticed that the number 710 looks like the word “OIL” when viewed upside down.

National CBD Day” is August 8, but it has nothing to do with 8/8. Which, if you turn it on its side, is infinity divided by infinity.

It turns out that National CBD Day is not the result of an impromptu of cbdMD who applied to have “National CBD Day” added to the calendar. How do you do that? You state your case to National Day Calendar, a North Dakota-based firm that promotes old and new national holidays via old and new media sources.

“We have a process where companies or individuals can suggest a new national day,” Marlo Anderson, the founder and CEO of National Day Calendar as reported by leafy.


Everything has to start somewhere. Hemp is back in a big way. With expected growth over the next 4 years to be around 700%, from 500 million to 24 billion. Hemp will benefit many industries through out America and abroad.


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