CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets

By Elizabeth Holdridge


With the noted health benefits of CBD being found with consistent daily doses being used by people, it was a natural turn for it’s use to be considered for the health and well-being for other mammals.

Clinical studies at Cornell have shown a 2mg/kg dose of CBD oil administered twice daily helps increase comfort and activity of dogs with osteoarthritis.  A veterinary assessment showed CBD oil significantly reduced pain at the same dosage.  The study also provided testimonials from pet owners and veterinary colleagues that were noted as “powerful”.  This included; avoidance of amputation from the decrease of tumor size with CBD therapy, hospice pets experiencing increased appetites and comfort.    Other pet owners noted a reduction in seizures for pets dealing with epilepsy to their greatest joy.  As you scour the internet you will find many more testimonies from pet owners about the overall benefits and relief their best friends are finding.


How it works in your Pet:

CBD binds with specific receptors in your dogs’ Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and regulates whatever is out of balance. CBD activates receptors regulating pain perception, inflammation and temperature. It also helps boost dopamine levels which produce anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.  It is reported to have no side effects. 

Conditions that CBD can help your pet with are; allergies and skin issues, reduce anxiety, appetite loss and digestive problems, arthritis, joint and mobility issues, cancer and tumors, seizures and epilepsy, glaucoma, inflammation, reduces aggressive behavior, reduces fear and phobias. 

CBD is available as edibles, oil, tinctures, topicals and capsules.  A study showed that oil is the most effective.  The difference in dosing for pets and humans is because of body weight.  The trick is to start with the lowest dose and find what works best for your animal.

We still do not understand many aspects of CBD.  However, pet owner users and clinical trials show great results to date.  Grants and funding have occurred nation wide for continuing research and trials. 

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