Hemp We go into the New Year!




Hemp We Go into the New Year!

By Elizabeth Holdridge


The 2018 Farm Bill passed by a vote of 369 to 47 in the U.S. House of Representatives!  The final step will be our President Donald Trump’s signature next week.  He has already indicated that he does indeed support the Farm Bill.  Did you know Senator McConnell from Kentucky actually signed the bill using a hemp pen!  This bill will legalize the cultivation of Industrial Hemp nationwide.  The first time it has been legal since World War II. 


The Hemp Industry is poised for not only national but global expansion.  The market is expected to triple over the next four years opening vast opportunities for industrial and CBD industries.  Inc. Magazine named CBD Industry as one of the 8 best industries for starting a business in 2019.  They also noted that they expect by 2022 the annual sales to grow to $1.91 billion. 


So here we are, Utoya.com ready to supply all your CBD needs nationwide.  Due to the illegal status for so long, the cultivation of cannabis sativa now is done completely organically.  There are no chemicals that are approved or licensed for use on this plant for disease and/or insect control.  As long as you have a grower providing organic fertilization your CBD will be all au natural!  The above picture is yours truly harvesting hemp at one of the growers we utilize in the already legal state of North Carolina.  What a wonderful country we have the opportunity live in.  America the land of the free and home of the brave!  Merry Christmas everyone!  God Bless!

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