Putting Advertising In The Customer's Hands

Here at Utoya, we lean more towards the health and wellness aspects of CBD. We already have many salons and spas distributing our high end CBD skincare products and CBD infused herbal formulas. The smoke shop stigma deters certain people from trying CBD and since CBD is really a wellness supplement, we believe that people should more options than a head shop to acquire CBD products.

That being said, we have many different ways for anyone interested in their health and sharing the health benefits of CBD with clients and friends alike, while making some cash in the process!
We believe word of mouth advertising is always best. That’s why instead of paying for expensive ad campaigns we prefer to make our products more affordable and put the advertising money in the pockets of our partners and customers. We have many options for this:

Affiliate Program

Love our CBD products and want to earn cash doing something you already do every day? In this case, our affiliate program is perfect for you. You can sign up for our affiliate program here. Once you’ve done this, refer friends, family, and peers to our products by posting our pre-crafted affiliate posts from your affiliate dashboard to your social media. Or create your own post. When someone uses your link to visit our store, they will receive 20% off their entire order just from clicking your link and buying. And you earn 15% of whatever they order! You can also invite others to become affiliates and you will earn an additional 5% of whatever their referrals purchase. It’s very easy to sign up and the commissions get paid almost instantly. If you’re not on social media much, old school word of mouth is great too! Tell a friend about a product you like and give them your affiliate discount code to give them 20% off and earn you 15%! This works well for consignment or wholesale dealers as well. Customers who don’t purchase during their visit to your store can be given a code for 20% off on our website. This enables you to earn 15% if they visit our website later on to purchase something. Again to sign up, click this link: http://utoya.leaddyno.com/


Wholesale partners pay less than consignment and pay for their products up front and choose which products they’d like to keep more or less of depending on their store’s needs. There are multiple levels of wholesale each with better pricing and price breaks for quantity as well. Ideal for anyone with an established store and who is serious about carrying quality CBD products.


Consignment partners receive a line of products with no money down on merchandise and only pay us when a product is sold. Simply order a replacement product from our online store once something is sold. A 50$ setup fee will get you started with your own consignment package. After making an account and receiving your consignment package we will assign your account special consignment prices so that your customers will never have to pay more than what is listed on the website! This is a stress free model that allows you to sell at your own pace and for your own needs. Great for independent hairstylists, salons, spas, and those who are just getting started.

e-mail me with any questions or if you are interested in consignment, wholesale, or our affiliate program


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