UTOYA, a company founded on the principle of helping people live well
naturally. The logo was inspired by the Runic Compass also known as the Vegvisir, a
symbol of guidance and direction. 

My name is Bruce Hovland. Through out the years I have started, ran and sold 13 companies. Mostly in the service related industries. These experiences have helped me understand clients and their needs. After closing a remodeling company in 2015 I was eagerly searching for my next venture. I wanted something that was in the wellness field as with my age, comes all the concerns of health and longevity. I was familiar with CBD and encouraged by all the science and testimonials. After a few trips to the fields in North Carolina and several trips to Colorado and California, I made the decision to start my brand. We are excited to be offering new and innovative wellness products with CBD and herbal tintract formulas. We expect to be adding many new products over the coming months and are thankful you stopped by to see us. Live well naturally with Utoya.

Norwegian Vikings Cultivated Cannabis


On a secluded Iron Age farm in Southern Norway, archaeological findings show that it was common to cultivate cannabis in the Viking Age. The question is how the Vikings used the fibers, seeds and oil from this versatile plant.

For more than fifty years, samples from archaeological excavations at Sosteli Iron Age Farm have been stored in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, according to an article on research portal  Forskning.no.

Analyses show that in the period between the years 650 and 800 AD, i.e. the beginning of the Viking Age, hemp was cultivated on the remote mountain farm.