A Horse’s dose CBD


This 60 ml bottle is blended with organic hemp oil and molasses. Mix with their food for ease in dosing.


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Horse’s dose CBD:

A Horse’s dose of CBD may help your horse in many ways. Lower anxiety and anxiousness reduced inflammation reduction in pain associated with training, arthritis, and aging. Give your horse the natural wellness they deserve.

A Horse’s dose CBD is blended with organic hemp oil and molasses. It is an all-natural product and contains our Full Spectrum CBD. Our Pet CBD oil can reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and aging. It also helps to calm pets that are high-strung, tense, stressed, or suffering from shock or temporary anxiety.

Our Full spectrum CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids and natural terpenes. These compounds provide the full entourage effect when taken. Our CBD oil is also Nano amplified. This reduces the size of the molecules through ultrasonic waves. Nanotechnology makes CBD products more quickly and easily absorbed into the body. This means it takes considerably smaller doses of our nano Full Spectrum CBD to have the same effect as larger doses of traditional CBD oils.

INGREDIENTS:  Hemp oil carrier, Full spectrum CBD and molasses.  2500 mg per 60 ml bottle also available in Broad Specrum THC FREE

SUGGESTED USE: 2 full dropper one to three times per day.  Shake well.

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