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Bubba Kush Indica Flower πŸ’ŽPremium (32.31%)


Bubba Kush Premium Indica Hemp Flower

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πŸ’Ž 32.31% Potency Score
πŸ’Ž THCP Inside

The Tango cannabinoid blend features a high presence of HHC, mixed in with Delta 8 THC and a splash of THCP to bring about the fullest and longest lasting experience on the market. Enjoy notes of coffee, chocolate, and deeper backdrop notes of fruit met with the earthy draw, you’ll find yourself in a world of comfort. This flower boasts a potency of 32.31%, which in itself is incredible. This is the strongest Indica flower testing so far! Proudly tested by SD PharmLabs, the number one trusted lab in the industry.

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Bubba Kush Hemp Flower D8 + HHC + THCP

One of the most popular strains from the cannabis community has made its way into the hemp industry and made itself just as much a staple here as it is in its original placement. Hemp breeders have come far, perfecting the curing process, keeping the flowers under 0.3% by volume, and still managing to allow a presence of THCA for that desirable conversion that many customers seek when purchasing any THCA flower.Β Β 

  • Profile:Β Indica Strain
  • Aroma:Β Chocolate, Coffee Beans, Earthy
  • Parents:Β OG Kush + Northern Lights
  • Terpenes:Β Alpha-pinene, Myrcene, Humulene
  • Cannabinoid Profile:Β Tango

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Bubba Kush (Tango) Certificate of Analysis / Lab / COA

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