Canna Breeze – Natural Deodorizer – Tangerine Dream


Canna Breeze Tangerine Dream deodorizing spray makes use of terpenes to provide a smell that is identical to that of orange cream. It’s a sweet citrusy way to get a light boost with a creamy, sweet finish.

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Canna Breeze Natural Terpene Based Deodorizer – Tangerine Dream

Canna Breeze natural deodorizer made with all-natural terpene blend Tangerine DreamΒ as seen in the CBD Skincare Line Antioxidant Facial Cream.Β  This terpene blend is comprised of these two terpenes, which play an important role in skincare as well as fragrances! These terpenes provide a smell that is identical to orange cream. It’s a sweet, citrusy way to get a light boost with creamy after tones. Just like a good mid-day snack on a summer day.

  • Limonene –
    • Most commonly found in: Lemons
    • Aroma: Lemons, Citrus
    • Effects: Limonene in animal studies has been shown to lessen anxiety and stress and promote a more energetic uplift. Helps modulate the immune system to have better and quicker responses. In studies, it has been shown to increases the total amount of antibody production.
  • B-pinene – 
    • Most Commonly Found In: Pine Trees
    • Aroma: Pine
    • Effects: Beta-Pinene is most often seen to be a bronchodilator, which has been seen in studies to be useful for those who have breathing troubles. This has also been seen to provide a light energetic lift.

How Well Does It Work?

Canna Breeze is an effective air deodorizer. Here at Utoya, we have tested it in numerous field studies to make sure this spray is worth having in your arsenal of smell-fighting sprays. We’ve tried this spay in the following scenarios with success in eliminating an odor:

  • Cigarette Smoke In Vehicles
  • Bathroom Smells
  • Damp Dank Car Smell

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Canna Breeze

Use these tips to help you get the most use out of your deodorizing spray.

  1. Air CirculationΒ is a key factor in helping to eliminate odors. You want the terpenes in this spray to take advantage of the airwaves to spread themselves evenly over the target area.
  2. Even CoatingΒ is important to make sure that your target isn’t missed. Smells travel and seep into walls, carpets, rugs, upholstery, and more. Take advantage of your area. Don’t over-saturate the area, as over-moisturizing something can sometimes have the opposite result of smelling good. Some odors can be extremely challenging, so take your time and use extra air-flow and good even, light coats.

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