Cannabis Slip on Classic Canvas Shoes (Unisex)




Specifications :

InterestPrint® Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes(Unisex)(Model1206)

Type: Canvas Material, Unisex Design, Slip-on Shoes


  • 14.11 Oz. Designed for fashion men and women, stylish and
  • Made from high-quality canvas material, providing great comfort.
  • Slip-on shoes with a flat heel. lightweight, suitable
    for daily wear.
  • Eva sole and soft insoles offer lightness and comfort to you.
  • Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print,
    please note that this product’s recommended uploaded image size in
    pixels (W x H):
    Vamp(Left): 1417 x 1258 or Higher / 150 dpi;
    Vamp(Right): 1417 x 1258 or Higher / 150 dpi;
    Quarter(Left): 2008 x 644 or Higher / 150 dpi;
    Quarter(Right): 2008 x 644 or Higher / 150 dpi.

Additional information

Weight 400.000 oz

WUS5-MUS3.5, WUS5.5-MUS4, WUS6-MUS4.5, WUS6.5-MUS5, WUS7-MUS5.5, WUS7.5-MUS6, WUS8-MUS6.5, WUS8.5-MUS7, WUS9-MUS7.5, WUS9.5-MUS8, WUS10-MUS8.5, WUS10.5-MUS9, WUS11-MUS9.5, WUS11.5-MUS10, WUS12-MUS10.5, WUS12.5-MUS11, WUS13-MUS11.5, WUS13.5-MUS12, WUS14.5-MUS13


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