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CBD/CBG Vape Cartridge – 1 Gram – 300 mg CBD 100 mg CBG


CBD/CBG Vape Cartridge 300 mg / 100 mg – 1 Gram

CBD is an incredibly thick, almost solid substance by itself. With great care, we merged the CBD and CBG with GRAS PEG vape juice solution to help create this incredible little vape cartridge. While it presents a rather liquidy viscosity, with ease of maneuverability, it vapes fantastic and holds good effect. Vaping CBD is one of the faster methods of delivery for more rapid onset feelings of relief.

The solution is a 3:1 mixture.

The PEG solution used is considered generally regarded as safe by the FDA. It is our advice that you do not vape at temperatures higher than 220°C / 428° F as it is just after this point that the vape solution becomes intolerable for inhalation and will likely cause respiratory issues. Vape at lower temperatures for the best results.



What is in the CBD/CBG vape cartridge?

Full-Spectrum hemp-derived CBD and CBG distillate with PG400/PEG200 solution with cannabis-derived live-resin terpenes for superior, true-to-the-plant taste and a very light push on the effects.

Is it safe to vape PG/PEG?

According to the FDA, these are considered generally regarded as safe and are used in everyday items such as ice cream and medical inhalers as safe inhalent solutions. It is considered to be safe to vape this product, however, we advise that you do not vape temperatures at or higher than 220°C. Vape at lower temperatures for the best results.

Can I fail a drug test by vaping CBD and CBG together?

Potentially, though the amount of present Delta 9 THC is either non-detectable or at least less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, it is not likely that you will fail a drug test, however, it is not impossible either, and some drug tests may be triggered, even when vaping standalone full-spectrum CBD products.

Why is the vape “runny” or “liquidy”?

This is a 3:1 vape solution, meant to allow the consistent vaping of the CBD and CBG without hindering delivery, risking clogs, or crystalization of the CBD. So while our other vape carts require some slightly higher temperatures to get started, the CBD/CBG vape is best vaped at lower temperatures to prevent bad taste and bad experiences.

How many mg of CBD and CBG per puff do I get? How many hits will I get?

While we cannot gauge how large your hits are, we can say there is an average of 300 puffs per cartridge with 1.3 mg of CBD/CBG per puff.

Will vaping CBD get me high?

No, you will not get high on CBD/CBG, however, you may experience sensations of relief, relaxation, and wellbeing, which in itself, may be considered a sort of high if you will, but not really something debilitating or euphoric so much as it is just nice to feel.

Why should I vape CBD/CBG?

Vaporizing CBD and CBG is known to be one of the faster methods of delivery and can be very helpful in administering these cannabinoids to someone who would like to use it and feel it quickly

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Weight 0.11 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 0.25 in
Terpene Profile:

Fire OG, Pineapple Express, GG4

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