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CBD Flower: Spectrum


Spectrum Hemp Flower

Spectrum Hemp Flower Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

Strain Profile Type:  Indica
Strain Parents: 
Lineage Unknown

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CBD 5.56% Caryophyllene
CBDA 17.4% Humulene
CBDV LCQ Limonene
CBDVA 1.16% Linalool
CBG 0.47% Pinene
CBGA 5.07%
Delta-9 THC LCQ
Delta-8 THC LCQ
Delta-10 THC LCQ%

Known Effects:

● Calm ● Clear Minded ● Relaxed ● Sedated



About The Spectrum Hemp Flower Strain:

Spectrum hemp flower is a strain that is an Indica-dominant hybrid and is generally grown in Oregon. Not much is known about the descendants but based on its effects, it is evident that it is an Indica-leaning cultivar.  It may suppress the system and calm the mind and body, both of which are characteristic of the Indica hemp strain.

Feel: Preferred as a nighttime flower, this hemp is known to be relaxing, calming, and may help clear your mind. Other hemp flower reviewers say that this hemp flower is not sedating, but is relaxing. While this is true of standard hemp flower, this is not the case with our special Indacouch blend, which will absolutely help to initiate those sweet deep dreamy feelings.

Why Choose Utoya Smokable CBD Flower?

You want quality smokable hemp flowers with the best potency and freshest varieties. You’ve found your perfect shopping experience at Utoya.

Our expert staff team doesn’t just pick up any strain of hemp with a cool name and call it a day. Our professionals spend a lot of time procuring only the finest hemp flowers that will bring you the most joy.

Our CBD buds are rich, delicious, and have the best cure you can get every time. These indoor-grown, hand-trimmed buds are the biggest difference between hemp flowers and premium-grade hemp flowers. This is top-shelf luxury quality hemp, you won’t find quality like this without seeing Utoya behind it.

These products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the Farm Act of 2018.

What does CBD Flower feel like?

CBD flower is non-psychoactive in terms of euphoria, though it technically is active within your brain. Rather than feeling high or catching a strong buzz, you get more of a balanced, refreshed feeling accompanied by rich aromas and delicious tastes.

CBD flower is typically strong in both CBD and terpenes, which attribute to some effects that can also be found in medicinal marijuana, which creates the entourage effect.

The biggest difference is that CBD won’t overwhelm your senses or mess with your thoughts like medicinal cannabis is known for. This is the mildest, comfortable, and relaxing experience you can get when it comes to smokable hemp flowers.

We are positive you will enjoy smoking this hemp!

Will Smoking CBD help me with ____?

Hemp products, particularly hemp CBD products are incredible and have been seen in numerous studies to help in several situations for various things, however, we cannot tell you that you will experience any of the benefits that have ever been associated with hemp.

The Food and Drug Administration does not review this product or these statements, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any known diseases, sicknesses, or medical conditions. These products are not considered to be pharmaceutical drugs and are able to be purchased without a prescription or medical card. These are not FDA-approved products. These products are sold and shipped in the United States. This is a product that is made from industrial hemp.

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