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Men’s Skincare Gift Set


Men’s Skincare Line Infused with CBD and AK-47 Terpenes

Launch the full-scale assault on dirt and bad oils in your pores, replenish your beard, and reclaim your essence with this exquisite line of skincare designed for men! This package helps you tactically approach your daily regimen with the superior formulation that makes our men’s line both gentle and effective.


Men Need Skincare Too – Gift Box Set For Men’s Luxury Cannabis Scented Skincare

The man; durable, strong, resilient, and good at getting dirty. For the proud, triumphant, men of the world, they need something to keep that precious skin looking amazing for those opportune picture-perfect moments, or for when that certain someone has an eye in their direction.

Whatever the case may be, rest assured that whether you are buying this kit for yourself, or as a gift, you’re a real keeper, because this quality goes far!

The cannabis scent is made with real terpenes (just like top-of-the-line colognes and perfumes use) featuring the amazing scent of AK-47. This earthy, musky, gassy smell is most welcome and not too overwhelming or underpowered.

What’s Inside

Anti-oxidant Men’s Lotion AK47
Beard Wax AK47
Honey Walnut Scrub
Beard Oil AK47
Rooibos Eye Cream
CBD 5000 MG Tincture

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in

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