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THC-O Mojitos – Cannabinoid Cocktail Drink – Non-Alcoholic THC-O Beverage


Delicious Non-Alcoholic Rum Drink Infused with THC-O

Utoya is proud to present the delicious, natural, and non-alcoholic rum-flavored drink that is infused with 50 mg of THC-O! As seen on Episode 17 of Utoya Live – THC-O Mojitos!


Refreshing and Fun THC-O Mojitos!

These THC-O Mojitos taste so much like an authentic mojito drink, it’s impressive! You get this delicious drink with a nice and refreshing buzz that won’t leave you feeling a hangover the next day! You can look forward to a great evening with the highest quality ingredients and THC O acetate that has been third-party lab tested.

This cannabis-infused drink having no alcohol (in this case, we also have no “alchohol” either.) These limited edition prints are only available here and now! Order your limited edition “Non-Alchoholic”/Non-Alcoholic beverage today!

THC-O Mojito Ingredients:

Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Key Lime Extract, De-alcoholed rum flavor, natural flavors, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), and 50 mg of hemp-derived THC-O

What Are THC-O Mojitos Like?

Our cannabis cocktails are alcohol-free or non-alcoholic, but are flavored perfectly to give you the same wonderful taste you would get from drinking a real rum mojito, and a buzz that is unique to THC-O!

This is a unique cannabis beverage that has fast-acting ingredients with the same great taste like a popular alcoholic spirit cocktail. These THC-O drinks are a real game-changer! Pour it in a glass and top it with some mint leaves with a lime wedge and have yourself a blast! These drinks contain 50 mg of THC-O.

This mojito is truly refreshing and will give you the boost and euphoria you can use to enjoy any night out, party, event, or just have a great night at home.

No matter how you look at it, you’re getting the incredible taste of a real mojito rum drink without feeling like trash the next morning!

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THC-O Mojito - Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Cocktail
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