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Utoya Ashtray For Weed Smokers / Stoners – Best Ashtray For Weed


Best Ashtray For Weed Smokers / Stoners

This Ashtray will serve the needs of stoners who use pipes, bongs, or roll joints, or smoke blunts. This ashtray comes with:

  • A bed for your ashes, emblazoned with the Utoya Logo
  • Sharp Ended Debowler Stick to get the ashes out of your bowl
  • Wide and thin blunt/joint holder
  • Dab stick holder for people adding wax or dab to their flower that want to set it down but don’t have a spot for it

This ashtray is plastic, but it has been tested against heat and withstood over 6 months of ashing without any need to replace. Be aware that the debowler can break off, so don’t smack your bowl or anything against it, and don’t go crazy scraping your bowl like a gorilla giving a rock a sponge bath. It’s sturdy, but it’s not meant to handle tons of impact.

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