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Welcome Sample Pack


Utoya’s Sample Pack For People Looking To Try Utoya!

Get a range of our products to try for yourself! Many of our clients request samples, and a lot of them don’t always know what samples they want, and sometimes don’t know about other products in our inventory, meaning they are missing out on some cool stuff, and you might be too!

This sample kit makes sure you get to try a little bit of everything from our inventory, which will give you a great range of choices to help you decide which product lines you want to push in your store!


New to us? This pack is one way to get acquainted with Utoya Delta 8, CBD, and CBN!

The best Delta 8 sample kit around! You get a little bit of everything in our welcome sample pack to help you decide which products you would like to showcase in your store! Looking for something a little bigger in terms of a sample kit? Maybe you’d like our Taste of Utoya Sample Pack!

What’s Inside:

What do you get with your Welcome Sample Pack from Utoya?

Delta 8 Dark Chocolate

These chocolates are made with 55.4% Dark Belgian chocolate and have an incredible taste to pair with an amazing and unique euphoria. Chocolate THC edibles are special because the chocolate is an excellent booster to endorphins, and it has special properties within it, such as anandamide.

Anandamide plays a role in the regulation of feeding behavior, and the neural generation of motivation and pleasure. Anandamide injected directly into the forebrain reward-related brain structure nucleus accumbens enhances the pleasurable responses of rats to a rewarding sucrose taste, and enhances food intake as well.

Delta 8 Organic Gummies

Utoya has a thing about giving you the best of the best, and these sweet edibles are not only tasty but are made with natural and organic ingredients, making them better than standard sugar-dominant gummies. You’ll 3 of each type of our organic style gummies to get a good idea as to how they will feel!

Delta 8 Get Krispy Treat

Gooey, delicious, and a crowd favorite for the last few months! You’ll get to try a tasty square of our rice krispy treats, branded as Get Krispy Treats, for you to try!

Delta 8 Candy Jumbo Fruit Slices

If candy is what you’re after, then this sweet treat is perfect for you. These candies are sweeping the nation and it’s no surprise either. This candy features 75 mg of Delta 8 THC, which is a considerable dose for most people!

Delta 8 Flower

Utoya is rated #1 best hemp flower by InStash and rated the Best Full Spectrum flower by Austin Chronicle, and now you can taste why! You get three varieties of our flower products, including a Delta 8 Pre-roll made with the finest ground up premium indoor-grown hemp flower and shake, Moon Rocks with incredible kief, taste, and potency as well as a 2-gram sample of Utoya’s Hot Hemp Delta 8 Flower.

Delta 8 Hash

If you grew up knowing about hash, or have become familiar with hash over the years, this hash will impress you. Seasoned delta-9 THC users enjoy this smoke session not only for the potency that it offers but for the unbeatable flavor! This hash tastes amazing through every hit, so much so that you almost won’t know when the last hit is coming! Delta 8 hash is a new product, but is already clearing shelves fast!

3-Hour Chill Shot – Delta 8 Energy Drink

If you’ve ever had an energy drink of any kind before, you know it can cause a few feelings, including jitters, and crashes from the energy drink when it wears off. Utoya’s Delta 8 Chill Shots are unique in the sense that you don’t get a sugar rush, you don’t get jitters as you would from normal caffeinated beverages, and you don’t get a crash like you would with 90% of the energy drinks on the market, plus, it’s infused with Delta 8 THC distillate and Full-Spectrum CBD

MSRP for gummies/candy below is based on calculation for individual items and is not sold in these quantities.

Total Value (Based on prices in June 2021): ≥ $143.79

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