Put the Advil Away! CBD and Pain Relief

by in CBD Oil, Health Tips November 20, 2019

Healthy CBD for pain management

           When many of us are in pain we immediately rummage through the medications draw at home searching for the Advil or another similar branded anti-inflammatory drug.  But with increasing scientific evidence pointing to health issues associated with consuming products such as Advil over longer periods of time, Does cbd help with pain?could CBD provide a safer – and more natural – alternative for pain relief?

How We Experience Pain

Not many people stop to think about the process of experiencing pain, we simply take a pill to dull the pain instead. However, by understanding the process behind pain and inflammation, we can understand why CBD may provide a better alternative than traditional pain meds. Each of our cells have receptors for pain. When a pain stimulus is present, our body activates pain-producing chemicals which travel from the site of pain all the way back to the spinal cord, whereby they are transported to the brain’s pain perception center. The brain then signals to the body how to react. With regards to chronic pain, this is situation whereby abnormal feedback loops have been accidentally created, continually telling the body that there is pain where there may be none. In many cases this leads to prolonged inflammation as a result of immune cells producing cytokines that stimulate pain receptors.  So with the causes of both incidental and chronic pain explained, how can CBD help with pain and inflammation?

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Full Spectrum CBD Nano Amplified

Our Full spectrum CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids and natural terpenes, which provide the full entourage effect when taken. Our CBD oil is also Nano amplified which reduces the size of the molecules through ultrasonic waves. Nanotechnology makes CBD products more quickly and easily absorbed into the body.

How CBD Combats Pain and Inflammation

 CBD is increasingly being scientifically linked to the effective remedy of difficult-to-treat pain. But how does it manage this? Firstly, CBD has the ability to control the inflammatory process by signaling to the immune cells to stop the production of cytokines. By stopping the production of these chemicals, the immune system can tell the brain that inflammation is no longer required at the pain site. Secondly, CBD can interfere with pain receptors reducing the actual feeling of pain we experience at the site of an injury. Which makes it a great solution for both acute pain as well as chronic symptoms.Lastly, the introduction of CBD into the body helps to increase the levels of cannabinoids we make ourselves (known as endogenous cannabinoids), which in turn helps to return our body back to homeostasis (balance) faster. 


Should You Switch to CBD for Pain Management?

The choice is of course up to you, and you shouldn’t make any decision with the prior consultation of your physician. But for more long term pain issues caused by autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, CBD for chronic pain has produced some promising results as a treatment. Better still, there are less negative side effects of cbd for pain management over a long period of time when compared to traditional NSAIDs such as Advil (Ibruprofen) because it’s both an organic and non-toxic substance. For short term and acute pain, CBD topicals have also been scientifically proven to be effective in alleviating muscle aches and pains. Adding to the growing body of evidence that CBD is effective for all types of pain management.

 Which CBD Products Are Best for Pain?

The most obvious place to start with immediate pain relief and CBD is with topical pain relief creams and gels, which can bring down inflammation and pain in affected areas very quickly. For ongoing or chronic pain ailments (such as arthritis) it may be better to start on a course of regular doses of CBD oil for pain management to improve the body’s immune response and help to return the body to a state of homeostasis.Fortunately, we provide both types of products here at Utoya, with only the best ingredients used to create premium formulations. Head over to our online store to start a new approach to your pain management.

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