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Miscellaneous items we come up with along the way. Canna Breeze air deodorizers, Hats and shirts and much more

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  • Extra Limited Collectors Edition Utoya Stash Boxes

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    Collectors Stash Box

    Utoya brand limited edition collectible stash boxes.

    • Durable plastic
    • Usable storage space
    • Utoya Brand Official Merchandice
  • Utoya Ashtray For Weed Smokers / Stoners – Best Ashtray For Weed

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    Best Ashtray For Weed Smokers / Stoners

    This Ashtray will serve the needs of stoners who use pipes, bongs, or roll joints, or smoke blunts. This ashtray comes with:

    • A bed for your ashes, emblazoned with the Utoya Logo
    • Sharp Ended Debowler Stick to get the ashes out of your bowl
    • Wide and thin blunt/joint holder
    • Dab stick holder for people adding wax or dab to their flower that want to set it down but don’t have a spot for it

    This ashtray is plastic, but it has been tested against heat and withstood over 6 months of ashing without any need to replace. Be aware that the debowler can break off, so don’t smack your bowl or anything against it, and don’t go crazy scraping your bowl like a gorilla giving a rock a sponge bath. It’s sturdy, but it’s not meant to handle tons of impact.

  • Win Cash Money With Our Official UTOYA™ Monthly Raffle Tickets

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    You could win real cash money with Utoya’s unique monthly CashApp drawing!

    • Chance to win real cash prizes via CashApp
    • Proceeds are donated to the Hemp Shawn Project
    • Even if you don’t win for the month you bought a ticket, your ticket is still good till the end of the year for our End of the Year Mega Drawing!
    • You will get the current month’s monthly drawing ticket as supplies last.

    *Please note: The Utoya Monthly Raffle is valid from 2/01/2023 until 12/31/2023. Winners are announced on the first Friday of each month on the Stoner Talk Show TV, featured on YouTube and Twitch. Participants must be present to win.*

  • Coffee Mug Bowl | Wake and Bake

    $19.99 Flower
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    Coffee Mug Bowl | Fresh Coffee & A Packed Bowl | Wake N Bake

    Every real stoner knows that this coffee mug pipe combo is one of the most important tools to have each morning. No stoner should ever go without!

  • Utoya Logo Black Shirt

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    Rock Utoya Shirts To Look Hot While Staying Cool

    Show your love for Utoya and rock this stylish black Utoya shirt made with 100% polyester, complete with our logo brandishing the front, making you officially awesome!



  • Utoya Vape Battery For Vape Cartidges – 510 Thread C-Cell Compatible – 3 Heat Settings

    $9.99 CBD Products
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    Utoya Vape Battery – 3 Heat Settings – Easy Vape To Use

    This vape battery is very straightforward and easy to use! Get started with enjoying any one of our vape cartridges with a Utoya Vape Battery!

    • 3 Heat Settings
    • 5 Quick Taps To Turn On/Off
    • Works with all vape cartridges sold by Utoya
    • Works with other standard 510 Thread C-Cell Vape Cartridges
  • Protect Your Edibles With our SunSafe Shipping Boxes

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    Your Edibles Don’t Melt With The SunSafe Shipping Box! (3 sizes)

    Protect your hemp edibles during shipping with the SunSafe Shipping Box – the ultimate solution for keeping your gummies and chocolates fresh and delicious! Our innovative design includes a 1-inch thick layer of styrofoam with a foil lining for maximum thermal protection, paired with dry ice when temps hit 85 degrees to maintain the ideal temperature throughout shipping. Trust the SunSafe Shipping Boxes to ensure that your hemp edibles arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Order now and experience the ultimate in shipping protection! SELECT TWO-DAY SHIPPING

    • Box size and usable space:
      • 8x8x8 inch box: 6x6x6 inches
      • 12x12x12 inch box: 10x10x10 inches
      • 12x10x18 inch box: 10x8x16 inches

    Please note that the SunSafe Shipping Box is not prefilled with any hemp edibles or products. It is intended to be paired strictly with your edible purchases to ensure safe and secure shipping. Order now and experience the ultimate in shipping protection for your hemp edibles!

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