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  • 1G Vape 10 Pack Mystery Grab – All Vapes Must Go!!!

    $49.90 Delta 8 Purchase & earn 50 points!

    Ten 1G Vape Cartridges For only $4.99 each!

    You can get:

    All blends are 3 or more cannabinoids, the cannabinoid listed on the far right side is the star of that particular blend.

    • Any Romeo (While Supplies Last) – THCJD
    • Any Tango (While Supplies Last) – THCP
    • Any Lima (While Supplies Last) – THCP
    • Any Bravo (While Supplies Last) HHC
    • Any X-Ray (While Supplies Last) HHCP
    • Any Alpha (While Supplies Last) D8 THC
    • Any Hotel (While Supplies Last) HHC
  • 2 Gram Disposable Vape Mystery Packs! HUGE SAVNGS

    $36.99$54.99 Delta 8 Earn up to 55 points.

    Mystery Pack: 2 Gram Disposable Vapes (3 or 5 Pack)

    Dive into the world of surprise and savings with Utoya’s Mystery Pack! Choose between a 3 or 5 pack of our premium 2 Gram Disposables. Each pack is a mystery mix of our finest Delta 8, Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica blends. This offer is a unique opportunity to explore a variety of experiences while enjoying over $100 in savings. Perfect for the adventurous at heart, the Mystery Pack is available only while supplies last. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to discover new favorites and save big!

  • THCA Flower Mystery Jars

    $105.99$199.99 Best Sellers Earn up to 200 points.

    Mystery Jar of Premium THCA Flower. When we get near the end of a batch we like to give you a deal. All strains offered in this deal are over 26% and freshly stored in our child proof jars.

    Dive into the world of mystery and discover the unexpected with Utoya’s Mystery Jar of Premium THCA Flower. Each jar is a curated blend of our top-shelf, high-quality THCA strains, giving you a unique and delightful experience every time.

    Why Choose the Mystery Jar?

    • Surprise Element: Embrace the thrill of not knowing which premium strains you’ll get. It’s like a gift to yourself every time you open the jar!
    • Top-Quality: Rest assured, every mystery mix is crafted from our premium THCA flower selection, ensuring a potent and enjoyable experience.
    • Value for Money: Get our best flowers at a discounted price. It’s a win-win!

    Available Sizes & Prices:

    • Mystery Half Ounce Jar: Dive into a diverse mix of strains with our 1/2 oz jar, priced at just $119.99.
    • Mystery Ounce Jar: Double the mystery, double the delight! Get our 1 oz jar for only $234.99.

    Every jar promises a unique blend, making each purchase a new adventure. Whether you’re looking to expand your palate, try something new, or simply enjoy top-tier THCA flower at a great price, our Mystery Jar is the perfect choice.

    Note: All mixes are pre-selected and come in sealed jars. Strains in the mix are subject to availability and may vary.

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