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  • Fast Acting Anytime Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture | Nano Amplified

    $39.99$168.99 Active Energy Earn up to 169 points.

    Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture Oil

    Utoya’s Hemp CBD Tincture oils are masterfully crafted with nano-emulsified cannabinoids, making it more bioavailable than 90% of the competitors’ CBD on the market. We use MCT oil as it is recognized as the best carrier for cannabinoids. This isn’t your typical CBD oil. This oil is made by professionals who understand the finer sciences that make this oil truly one of the best available on the planet! Experience the Utoya CBD difference! No Isolates. No extras. No Bullshit. Just good old-fashioned new-style full-spectrum Hemp CBD and its carrier oil. Just like it’s meant to be๐Ÿ’–.

    • No Isolates
    • No Extra Ingredients
    • No Bullshit
    • Superior Quality Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD Distillate
    • Certified Organic MCT Oil


    Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (Coconut-Derived), Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Distillate

    Ingredients with Mint: Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (Coconut-Derived), Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Distillate, Pure Peppermint Extract

  • Full Spectrum CBD CBG Tincture Oil

    $49.99$109.99 CBD Oils Earn up to 110 points.

    Full Spectrum CBD + CBG Oil: 2500mg/750mg

    • CBD: 83mg Per 1ml Dropper
    • CBG: 25mg Per 1 ml Dropper

    This is a very popular and effective tincture and size.ย 

  • Full Spectrum CBD CBN Tincture Oil – Nano Amplified

    $49.99$99.99 CBD Oils Earn up to 100 points.

    Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Oil: 2500mg/750mg

    • CBD: 88 mg Per 1ml Dropper
    • CBN: 16.5 mg Per 1 ml Dropper

    This is a very popular and effective size.

  • D8/CBD Tinctures โ€“ Natural, Mint

    $79.95$105.99 CBD Oils Earn up to 106 points.

    5000 mg Delta 8 THC Tincture With 1500 mg of CBD

    • Type: Full spectrum โˆ†8 THC oil with natural terpenes
    • Delta 8 THC Content: 5000 mg (166 mg/ml), 1500 mg (50 mg/ml), 750 mg (25 mg/ml)
    • CBD Content: 1500 mg (47.5 mg/ml), 1000 mg (33.33 mg/ml), 750 mg (25 mg/ml)
    • Extraction Material:ย Hemp
    • Original Extraction Method:ย Ethanol
    • Plant-Derived Terpenes:ย Yes
    • Do Not Vape This Product!

Buy CBD Tincture oils, sublingual drops, droppers, oil, however it is you’ve come to know it by, these are all the same thing. We use MCT coconut oil (one of the best-known cannabinoid carriers) and we combine them with any of our multi-cannabinoid or single cannabinoid nano-emulsified distillates. The most important thing about the “nano-emulsion” that you need to know is that most of our competitors don’t use this technology, and the reason it’s so important is that, without it, you lose 90% of what you ingest. We make sure you get the most out of your tincture oils.

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