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  • Easy Infuse CBD Water Soluble

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    Powerful CBD Water Soluble – Nano Emulsified

    Make your own recipes with this high-quality CBD. Coffee is great with a 1/2 ml CBD. Or try Orange juice, cranberry juice, and even makes it so smoothies will work great. It is essentially flavorless and odorless outside of a very slight citrusy scent and very light citrus taste (similar to the taste of water when it first has the lemon dropped in). This is a very versatile water-soluble CBD product that will take any drink or food item and turn it into something healthy and helpful!

    What does CBD feel like?

    CBD does not provide much of a feeling in general, as it is a very light cannabinoid. It’s something that you take as needed and something you use in your daily routine to keep your endocannabinoid system in balance.

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