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  • Indica Dab Train Wreck (1g)

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    THCA Diamond Budder With our Tango formula THCA dominate plus D8/HHC/THCP (97%)

    Immerse yourself into an indica bliss with THCA diamonds. It is speculated that the best temperature to dab these THCA Diamonds at is 533Β°F/535Β°F on a dab rig for the best experience. Live Resin Train Wreck

    We anticipate this product to be immensely popular, so if you see this up, order it now while it’s in!

    • 1 Gram
    • 26.32% THC-A Potency (est. 20% – 40% conversion rate – Depends on the stability of decarb, best to use an electric e-nail dab rig for best results, no way to guarantee any results. The fewer environmental factors, the better the control.
    • Dab @ 533Β°F – Speculated As Best Temp for Dabbing

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