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Embrace Pineapple (AKA Pineapple OG), a fruity and gassy hybrid paradise! Pineapple THCA Flower is a hybrid through and through, 50/50 down the middle. This strain is often confused with Pineapple Express, the popular sativa from the well-known film, however, this is actually the parent of that strain and has been considered by many to be a superior euphoria. The aroma or “nose” on this bud is nice and fruity with a powerful backdrop of gas and earth. The taste is well matched with the smell, with nice fruity pineapple notes and backdrops of gas on the exhale.

Profile:ย Hybrid (50/50)
Comparable THC Potency: 25.18%
THCA %:ย 28.47%
Aroma:ย Pineapple, Gas
Taste: Pineapple, Gas
Grade: AAA Exotic
Reported Effect: Uplifted, Energetic, Happy

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Pineapple (Hybrid) โ€“ THCA Flower Type 1: A Deep Dive into Utoya's Exquisite Hybrid Experience

The world of cannabis is vast and varied, with countless strains offering unique experiences. Among these, Utoya’s Pineapple (Hybrid) โ€“ 

Aroma and Flavor Profile

One of the standout features of the Pineapple THCA Flower is its distinct aroma. The first whiff introduces a fruity freshness, reminiscent of ripe pineapples on a sunny day. This fruity note is beautifully complemented by a backdrop of gas, adding depth and complexity to its profile. The flavor doesn’t fall far from the tree, or in this case, the flower. Each puff delivers a taste that mirrors the aroma โ€“ fruity pineapple notes with subtle gassy undertones on the exhale.

Potency and Effects

With a comparable THC potency of 25.18% and a THCA percentage of 28.47%, this flower is not for the faint-hearted. The high THC content ensures a potent experience, characterized by an uplifting and energetic onset. As a balanced hybrid, users can expect the best of both worlds. The sativa genetics offer a cerebral buzz, sparking creativity and focus. On the other hand, its indica side ensures relaxation, melting away stress and tension.

Ideal Usage

Given its balanced nature, the Pineapple THCA Flower is versatile. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your morning with a burst of energy or wind down after a long day, this strain is up to the task. Its uplifting effects make it ideal for social gatherings, creative projects, or simply enjoying a sunny day outdoors. Conversely, its relaxing properties are perfect for a quiet evening at home, perhaps paired with a movie or a good book.


Utoya’s Pineapple (Hybrid) โ€“ THCA Flower Type 1 is a testament to quality cultivation and careful selection. Its balanced genetics, delightful aroma, potent effects, and versatility make it a must-try for both novices and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re chasing a euphoric high or seeking relaxation, this flower promises an experience that’s both memorable and satisfying.

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Exotic Pineapple THCA Flower | Hybrid
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