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  • Delta 9 Jumbo Fruit Slices | Delta 9/ THCP | 500 mg

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    Delta 9 Gummies – Extreme

    Delta 9 Blend – Delta 9 + HHC + THCP

    100mg Each
    5 Count Bag – 500mg

    Experience the potent, uplifting effects of our Delta 9 Jumbo Fruit Slices. Each organic, vegan-friendly gummy is packed with 100mg of Delta 9/ THCP/ HHC, derived from premium hemp. This bag offers a convenient, delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of wellness. Third-party lab tested for quality assurance, our gummies are a top-rated choice in 2024. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality cannabis edibles, delivered discreetly to your door. Join Utoya on our journey to redefine the hemp industry with products that are as enjoyable as they are amazing.

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