1G Vape 5 Pack Mystery Grab – All Vapes Must Go!!!


Five 1G Vape Cartridges For $5.50 Each

Trying to get lit on a budget? Spend $30, and get a random assortment of mixed 1G vape blends and strains.

You can get:

All blends are 3 or more cannabinoids, the cannabinoid listed on the far right side is the star of that particular blend.

  • Any Romeo (While Supplies Last) – THCJD
  • Any Tango (While Supplies Last) – THCP
  • Any Lima (While Supplies Last) – THCP
  • Any Bravo (While Supplies Last) HHC
  • Any X-Ray (While Supplies Last) HHCP
  • Any Alpha (While Supplies Last) D8 THC
  • Any Hotel (While Supplies Last) HHC

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1G Vape 5 Pack Mystery Grab – Utoya's Treasure Trove of Vape Experiences

In the vibrant world of vaping, variety is the spice of life. Utoya’s 1G Vape 5 Pack Mystery Grab is a golden ticket to a world of diverse, high-quality vape experiences, all wrapped up in one tantalizing package.

Why the Mystery Grab is a Must-Have:

Each mystery grab is a journey through Utoya’s finest vape blends and strains. From the euphoric highs of THCJD in Romeo to the balanced effects of THCP in Tango and Lima, every puff is a new adventure.

At just $5 per cartridge, this offer is a steal. It’s a chance to sample Utoya’s premium vape range without breaking the bank.

There’s something inherently exciting about not knowing what you’ll get. The mystery grab adds an element of surprise to your vaping routine, ensuring that no two sessions are ever the same.

While the strains and blends might be a mystery, Utoya’s commitment to quality isn’t. Every cartridge in the mystery grab meets Utoya’s stringent quality standards, ensuring a safe and satisfying experience.

Exclusive deals like the mystery grab don’t last forever. It’s a limited-time offer, making it a collector’s item for vape enthusiasts.


Utoya’s 1G Vape 5 Pack Mystery Grab is more than just a product; it’s an experience. It’s an invitation to explore, discover, and indulge. Whether you’re a vaping veteran or a curious newcomer, this mystery grab promises a rollercoaster of flavors, effects, and emotions. So why wait? Dive into Utoya’s world of mystery and let the adventure begin.

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1G Vape 5 Pack Mystery Grab – All Vapes Must Go!!!
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