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THC-O Acetate: The Ultimate Guide To THC-O That You Must Know!

by in Science September 6, 2021

This is your ultimate guide to understanding THC-O to the fullest extent possible. We took a lot of time compiling data, looking into studies, reviews, and we are prepared to share what we know with you. Is THC-O Legal In My State? According to all research done there are currently no states that have made […]

The Ultimate Guide to Terpenes

by in CBD Facts, Industry News, Skin Care March 1, 2021

Terpenes 101: What Are Terpenes? – Introduction Live Resin Cannabis Derived Terpenes In Vapes & Flower Live Resin Cannabis Derived Terpenes LRCDT/CDT are used in Utoya products now. While botanical terpenes hold no difference in their own distinct forms, their balance does. What may have the same general terpene profile as something like Pineapple Express […]

Your Guide To Understanding Nano CBD & Nano D8 Products

by in CBD Facts December 6, 2020

Introduction: Nano Emulsion and Hemp Products Nanotechnology has been present in hemp products for quite some time. Early in 2017, a few products boasted these values and got some attention. The reason you may have not heard too much about nano-emulsified CBD and D8 THC (Delta 8 THC) products is that the technology only was […]