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New Hemp CBD Regulations By State For The First Half of 2021

by in CBD News, Industry News June 16, 2021

Over the first half of 2021, many states passed laws, implemented, or proposed new regulations regarding hemp cultivation, processing, and CBD products. These changes range from updates to testing, labeling, and packaging requirements, to adjustments in license requirements and limits on the types of hemp-derived products that can be sold.

Washington Marijuana Growers Are Worried Hemp-Derived THC Could Put Them Out Of Business

by in Industry News June 14, 2021

Washington state marijuana growers are concerned that, without a change to state laws, their businesses could be severely affected by federally legal hemp. The biggest concern for them is hemp-derived CBD being converted into delta-8 THC – and even delta-9 THC, the molecule more commonly found in marijuana – then sold as licensed, regulated marijuana […]

The Ultimate Guide to Terpenes

by in CBD Facts, Industry News, Skin Care March 1, 2021

Terpenes 101: What Are Terpenes? – Introduction Live Resin Cannabis Derived Terpenes In Vapes & Flower Live Resin Cannabis Derived Terpenes LRCDT/CDT are used in Utoya products now. While botanical terpenes hold no difference in their own distinct forms, their balance does. What may have the same general terpene profile as something like Pineapple Express […]