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The United States To Legalize Cannabis in 2021?

Released early this morning, US Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that he will be introducing a bill that can legalize Cannabis recreationally on a federal level! According to Cannabis Moment, we will see the details of the bill this coming Wednesday (July 14th, 2021)

New Hemp Regulations for the first half of 2021

New Hemp CBD Regulations By State For The First Half of 2021

Over the first half of 2021, many states passed laws, implemented, or proposed new regulations regarding hemp cultivation, processing, and CBD products. These changes range from updates to testing, labeling, and packaging requirements, to adjustments in license requirements and limits on the types of hemp-derived products that can be sold.

Louisville Kentucky Hemp Fest Sunday June 13th 2 to 5 PM Farmington Historic Plantation

Kentucky Hemp Fest For The Future

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A large discussion on the history and future of hemp in Kentucky will take place Sunday as Farmington Historic Plantation and Sullivan University present “Louisville Hemp Fest.”

Will California Kill The Hemp Industry

Will California Kill The Hemp Industry?

A California hemp bill that would provide a long-awaited green light for hemp-derived CBD products has cleared the lower chamber – but the progress has set up a cannabis clash in the world’s largest state market.

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