What You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Infused Chocolates

Cannabis Chocolates Are Better Than You Think

When it comes to indulging in a sweet treat, chocolate and THC make for a powerful combination. Not only do they both provide a pleasurable experience, but they also have synergistic effects that can enhance each other.

THC and Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, contains compounds known as flavonoids which are known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. These compounds work by activating the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is the same system that THC interacts with.

When consumed together, chocolate and THC can create a unique and enhanced experience. The flavonoids in chocolate can help to amplify the effects of THC and prolong its effects, while also providing a boost in mood and cognitive function. This is because the flavonoids in chocolate have been found to increase the number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain, making them more sensitive to THC.

Who would have thought that chocolate could stimulate our endocannabinoid system in such an interesting way?

Reefies Peanut "Budder" Cups

It’s worth noting that not all chocolate is created equal, the amount of flavonoids and the quality of chocolate can vary greatly, thus it’s important to select high-quality dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids to get the most benefits.Β 

All of Utoya’s chocolate products are made with certified organic, responsibly sourced dark Belgian cocoa (54.5% dark).

Anandamide is an Endocannabinoid In Chocolate

Additionally, chocolate contains a compound called anandamide, which is a naturally occurring endocannabinoid that is similar in structure to THC. Anandamide plays a role in regulating mood, appetite, and pain, and when consumed in combination with THC, it can help to enhance the overall experience.

Why Choose Utoya Infused Chocolates

Get the best of both worlds by consuming THC-infused chocolate. This allows for precise dosage and a convenient and discreet way to consume THC.

Delta 9 Chocolate Bar

Chocolate and Cannabis Are The Dynamic Duo

In conclusion, chocolate and THC are a delicious and powerful duo. They work together to create a unique and enhanced experience, thanks to the flavonoids in chocolate that amplify the effects of THC and provide additional health benefits. Whether it’s through consuming high-quality dark chocolate or THC-infused chocolate, this combination is sure to please. Just remember to consume in moderation and always be aware of your own tolerance and the laws and regulations of your area.

All of Utoya’s Delta 9 THC chocolate products contain less than 0.3% THC by volume, and is legal to be purchased and consumed by people throughout the United States (except for Idaho, and some other states with THC regulations that differ from the 2018 Farm Act).

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