Utoya Live Episode 5 – Delta 8 and the DEA, Delta-10, and Special Guest Alex Finn Delta 8 THC Austin Texas

Utoya Live Episode 5 with Special Guest Alex Finn in Austin, Texas - Delta 8 THC Austin Store

Utoya Live Episode 5 Season 1.


Episode 5 Overview:

Utoya goes live with episode 5 to talk about Delta-8 THC and the DEA. Recently the DEA has placed Delta-8 THC inside of it’s Orange Book, which effectively means that the DEA has decided that Delta-8 THC is now to be associated to the same degree as Delta-9, however, this doesn’t make it law, and it doesn’t make it permanent. Watch the show to learn more.ย 

The Utoya team glosses over Delta-10 in preperation for next weeks episode! Learn a little bit about our perspective of Delta-10 and what is soon to come!ย 

The interview with Alex Finn was fantastic, we got a great look at how one of the best stores in Austin, Texas is doing business with Utoya products on their shelf!ย 

Delta 8 THC is able to be bought online or in a store, just like Alex Finns! You can visit his shop in Austin, Texas at:ย 

Delta 8 THC Austin
9231 W Parmer Ln,
Austin, TX 78717

Visit Their Store Website: https://www.d8austin.com/

Follow them on Facebook:ย 

Official Episode 5 YouTube Description:

Join the Utoya team this week as they discuss Delta 8, Delta 10, and the DEA’s recent moves with their Orange Book and what it means to us! Also we talk about the details behind a fan-favorite strain, Suver Haze. We also talk about our recent price changes, and more! You can buy delta 8 THC online at: https://utoya.com/ You can register for Utoya Wholesale at: https://wholesale.utoya.com You can buy Utoya brand products in person from Alex Finn at Delta 8 THC Austin at: 9321 West Parmer Ln. Suite # 102 Austin, TX 78717

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