Utoya Organics CBD Now Available In Malta! Top 5 Products 2022

Top 5 CBD Products Available In Malta!

CBD Oil In Malta Is Now Legal To Purchase

The popularity of CBD has grown not only in the US but in Europe as well. Europe’s CBD market is predicted to grow to 1.4 billion Euros by 2023. With CBD buzz taking over the world, European countries have also legalized CBD as long as its content is well below 0.2% THC. Malta has also legalized CBD and even recreational Cannabis in 2021.

Trying CBD products for the first time in Malta? While CBD is new to the country one needs to be sure the products they are trying are up to standard. It is important to look for high quality products to have the best health benefits.

Utoya offers a third-party analysis to show the ingredients of the product so it does not have any unregulated compounds that are not good for health or are still a part of the prohibited substance list. Check out these Top 5 CBD Products in Malta!

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Better known as CBD, it is one of more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa. These cannabinoids react with the endocannabinoid system present in the body providing relief that other chemical compounds cannot offer.

Full Spectrum CBD/ CBG/ CBN Oils

Utoya’s CBD/ CBG/ CBN Tincture oils are masterfully crafted with nano-emulsified cannabinoids, making it more bioavailable than 90% of the competitors’ CBD on the market. Utoya offers a Full Spectrum CBD oil in Malta that is available in many different strengths depending on the consumers needs.

cbd oil in Malta

Many companies use Isolate CBD which is lacking the small traces of other Cannabinoids that provide the entourage effect, Utoya formulates all CBD products using Full Spectrum CBD distillate. These oils are used by placing the recommended dose under the tongue and letting it sit for a few minutes before swallowing. These oils help provide relief for inflammation, anxiety, appetite, focus, and so much more! Learn more about Utoya’s CBD oils in Malta! Buy CBD in Malta Today!

CBD Topical Pain Relief Creams

One of the biggest reported uses of CBD products in Malta is for pain relief. Utoya offers three different blends of pain relief creams. These are high quality base pain creams infused with Full Spectrum CBD oil for optimal relief. These creams are used by athletes, those suffering from joint and muscle pain, and arthritis. CBD helps relieve the inflammation and pain that can be caused by everyday activities.

cbd pain relief topicals malta

Try Utoya’s Arthritis Pain Relief w/ OPTI MSM + CBD now available in Malta! This super-powered formula includes CBD organic aloe, organic coconut oil, arnica, and chamomile, with warming black pepper and cinnamon oils, and cooling eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint oils, plus so much more.

CBD Disposable Vapes

There are many ways to consume CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD flower. Many consumers are moving to disposable CBD vapes. Utoya offers CBD Disposable Vapes in Malta! These vapes are made from high quality Full Spectrum CBD and Live Resin Terpenes.

cbd disposable vape malta

Make sure to check for your favorite strains as Utoya is constantly adding new CBD vape strains! All CBD products in Malta are third party tested for potency, pesticides, and toxic metals.

High Quality CBD Skin Care

These days with so many CBD companies on the market, many consumers are skeptical of what they are putting on their skin. Utoya’s CBD infused skin care line is made from all high quality ingredients and salon approved. CBD products in Malta are spreading quickly and Utoya is keeping focus on the quality and results of products.

cbd skin care malta

Check out Utoya’s CBD skin care line! Both Men’s and Women’s Skin Care products are available. Try their top rated Green Tea & CBD facial cleanser, Full spectrum CBD and organic green tea helps create a really good, clean experience in this non-foaming, deep cleaning, non-drying cleanser.

CBD Pet Care

Not only humans benefit from the amazing results of CBD products, but also pets! CBD helps relieve anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Malta is well known for their many firework displays, CBD can help provide an overall calmness for pets during these times.

cbd pet products malta

Check out these great CBD pet products in Malta! This all-natural Herbal formula is infused with Full Spectrum CBD Pet Plus calms pets.

Utoya’s CBD products in Malta

Utoya is a company that started formulating and manufacturing CBD products in the USA in 2018. Recently Utoya has expanded to Europe, offering their top rated CBD line in Malta. Utoya also offers HHC, THCO, THCP, Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 11 and more to countries outside of Malta but within the EU. For wholesale inquiries please contact us and speak with our amazing sales team! Looking for CBD in Malta? Buy CBD near me!

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